• Width: 1080mm, 880mm;
  • Finishing: GLOSS,MATT
  • Gauge: 30G, 28G, 26G
  • Rib height: 25mm
    Distance between ribs: 203mm
    Color: Maroon; Brick red; Blue; Army Green; Potters clay
  • Base material: Al-Zinc coated steel
  • Standard: RS EAS 468:2013 Pre-painted metal coated steel

Why HIPPO Products ?

Wide range of attractive colors, shapes, and finishes of Hippo products;

Colors of stone coated tiles can be customized according to the client’s wish;

All Hippo products are manufactured in Rwanda, which justifies their lowest price and several years of Guarantiee;

Local technical support, offering expert advice and information at every stage;

Lightweight construction for easier, faster installation which ensure safe and durable roof as well as reduction of manpower cost ;

Easy accessibility of Hippo products through our representatives and outlet;