Hippo stone coated roofing series offer a texture, style and longevity not found in traditional metal roofing products. Its durability is the best feature from all its quality standards. Considering this, for our valued customer who buy our stone coated roofing’s we give a limited 50 Years warranty.
Installation guide
Considering the flexibility and easy to cut, hippo Stone coated metal roofing installation is much easier than other roofing sheets clay roofs. It is safe and convenient in Installation,maintains as well which helps to save on labor cost. Look at the installation guide provided below.
How to step on the tiles
Stand on the nose of the tiles, do not walk on the middle of the tile or on raised corrugations. When walking on tile your feet should be positioned over the nose or front down turn of the panels. Note Light weight ,soft-soled shoes are recommended.
Recommended tools
Hippo roofing systems recommends roofers to use recommended tools for installation such as specialized cutting and bending tools and other tools used during installation.
Local Technical Support
Local technical support, offering expert advice and information at every stage;
Faster Installation
Lightweight construction for easier, faster installation which ensure safe and durable roof as well as reduction of manpower cost ;
Easy Accessibility
Easy accessibility of Hippo products through our representatives and outlet;